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Review of the Golf Course by Jon Haase, long time Men's Club member at Tri-Mountain Golf Course


Have you ever sunk a putt in Spain, or hit a ball off the tee in Australia? Have you ever chipped onto the green in Scotland, where the game of golf originated?

Jon Haase, a long-time Men’s Club member at Tri-Mountain Golf Course, has golfed at numerous courses around the world. His obvious passion and respect for the game, experience with courses internationally, and loyalty to TMGC make Jon the ideal candidate for our blog post!

Because the staff at TMGC want to give our customers the ultimate and most authentic golf experience, we wanted this week’s blog to introduce our course from an honest customer’s perspective. Jon Haase has been a customer at Tri-Mountain Golf Course on-and-off for over twenty years, and an on-and-off member of our course’s Men’s Club since 2005.

I started from the beginning, and asked Jon, “do you remember your first experiences at Tri-Mountain Golf Course? What drew you to the course specifically?

Jon used to live in Camas, so his accessibility to Tri-Mountain Golf Course (in Ridgefield) was not exactly convenient. Despite the proximity, Jon did most of his golfing at Tri-Mountain. Jon fondly recalls coming to the course for the conditions, layout, physical design, and “outstanding job on greens.” Jon paused to recognize superintendent Dan Bierscheid, still employed at Tri-Mountain today, for the excellence of the course’s conditions.

Now knowing about what drew Jon to the course initially, I pondered, “What made you stay at Tri-Mountain Golf Course? Was it the customer service? The course conditions?”

To this, Jon responded with a more complex answer than anticipated. He revealed that at one point during his membership with TMGC, he decided to leave. Some of the decisions that were made under the management at the time were not what he considered to be adequate enough to have a reason to stay. Jon then reflected on the customer service at the time; his perception was that the employees were not enjoying their time at the course.

I knew firsthand that today, under the management of Brian Michaud, things are much different. The safety and enjoyment of our customers is regarded as the course’s number one priority. Additionally, Jon Haase had returned, and is now back at TMGC. He is a crucial part of the Men’s Club and runs all of their Saturday games. Fully invested in the conversation, I prompted, “What made you come back, even after the poor experience that you had years ago? What makes you stay now?”

“Under the management of Brian Michaud,” Haase stated, “there has been a market improvement of the quality of individuals placed [at the course].” Haase went on to say that there has been a lot of new people moving to the Ridgefield area, and so the Men’s Club is the largest it has been in Tri-Mountain history. Regardless of all of the new development in the area and the increase in Men’s Club members, Haase says that he is pleased that the staff at Tri-Mountain today can handle it, and handle it well.

In addition to the customer service, Haase mentions that Tri-Mountain’s current General Manager, Brian Michaud, is “willing to listen.” Haase recalls a customer experience in which the Men’s Club account was not being handled properly by the staff; however, Brian “took it as a personal challenge” to fix the company’s error, and Haase has not seen another mistake in a year.

In a last attempt to recall changes on the customer service end, Haase fondly mentions Jamie Stilwell, Tri-Mountain’s Assistant Golf Professional: “working with her is fantastic. She just gets it.” Stilwell, aware that good service means an increased chance of customer loyalty, is responsible for many of the golf course’s operations and assists Haase with the Men’s Club.

Today, Jon Haase believes that “the presentation and condition [of Tri-Mountain Golf Course] twelve months out of the year exceeds what other courses can offer.” The course in general, Jon says, “creates a true reading” of each player’s ability. There are “no fake rewards” this way; the shot you take is reflected appropriately on the course, whether it is a drive or a putt. Because of this, the course is “appropriate for average golfers” that are seeking a genuine reflection of their golf game. If you are looking for a “fair estimate of your proficiency, this course will give you that,” said Haase.

I was also well-aware that Haase has an Annual Pass membership at TMGC. The membership allows him to play rounds for free and offers discounts on range balls, tournaments, and pro shop merchandise. However, I was curious about what drew him to the Annual Pass membership in particular, and if he was still content with his purchase, so I asked him, “How are you enjoying your Annual Pass membership?”

I was glad to hear Haase describe the Annual Pass membership as “a very good deal.” Haase plays at Tri-Mountain about three to four times a week and says that he pays about 50% less per round than he would without the membership. He paints the picture of an Annual Pass as mutually beneficial. The membership is a great deal and allows him to get on the course quickly, and at the same time his purchase of the membership is able to help the course out in the slower winter months.

Tri-Mountain Golf Course provides a number of memberships catered to a variety of different players. To find more about our memberships, you can contact the pro shop, look on our website, or keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming blog regarding that very topic.

As our interview drew to a close, I asked Haase if he had any final thoughts about his experiences at Tri-Mountain.

Haase is glad to be apart of the Men’s Club, which, with his help, has achieved a positive “culture change” and scarcely encounters any problems.

As for the course in general, Tri-Mountain, Haase concludes, “is the whole package.” From the mouth of Haase himself, the course has major benefits in its “value, service, conditions, good community, and quality offerings.”

Final thoughts:

Getting the opportunity to speak with Jon was a privilege. It is one thing to have someone kindly comply to be interviewed, and it is another to do so with unmistakable thoroughness, modesty, optimism, honesty, and passion. Special thanks to Jon for being so readily obliging and informative.

Tri-Mountain Tip: TMGC invites you to continue to check our news monthly to stay updated on a variety of golf-related content. Additionally, Tri-Mountain is becoming more and more active on Facebook and Instagram! Check our website or our social media weekly to stay updated on TMGC’s latest news, including stellar golf deals.

Tri-Mountain Golf Course, Ridgefield Washington
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