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Unlock your junior golfer's potential with our comprehensive programs. From private coaching to summer camps and Operation 36, we offer a range of options to help young golfers improve their game and develop a lifelong passion for the sport.

60 minute coaching sessions are a great option for a the basic lesson. Work on a specific part of the swing and know the WHY as well as the HOW to change something.

90 minute sessions are great for a more in-depth and involved lesson. This is the best option for the most improvement and understanding. Or even addressing multiple parts of the game. Combine full swing and chipping/putting or shot shaping with mental game.

Getting a Package deal with 3 coaching sessions will save money and help solidify the changes in your game!
Welcome to Operation 36!

Join Our 8-Week Semester Golf Program

Embark on a golf adventure with our 8-Week Program. This program blends fun and learning, making it the perfect introduction to the world of golf. Embrace the process to develop your skills. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player, if you follow the steps and master the skills we work on, you will get better. Believe in yourself and be confident!

**This is a year-round program
U.S. Kids Classes
Take your junior's golf game to the next level with our year-round Friday and Saturday classes. Using our proven teaching methods and US Kids Golf’s innovative and incentivized learning program, we have developed the perfect platform to introduce your junior golfer to the sport of a lifetime.

Each level of progression is tracked with a learning booklet, providing a simple and fun way for parents, juniors and coaches to monitor each child’s improvement.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Small Group Classes – 6:1 Student/Coach Ratio
  • Each Child Receives a Learning Booklet
  • Learning is Rewarded with Progress Pins
  • Pins are Awarded for Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Golf Knowledge, and Scoring

Ages 5-7

Ages 8-12

Ages 13-17
Properly fitting junior golfers is crucial for developing a solid fundamental swing. Often, juniors are given clubs that are incorrect leading to compensations in their swing. These compensations can become ingrained, lasting a lifetime.

Conversely, fitting juniors with the right length, lie, shaft flex, weight, and grip size can significantly improve their fundamentals. A well-fitted set of clubs enhances any instruction they receive, rather than hindering it. Since juniors grow quickly, a good club fitter can select clubs that accommodate their growth, maximizing usage before needing a new set.

As juniors outgrow their clubs, transitioning to full-size sets becomes necessary. To schedule a fitting for this transition, please reach out below.

U.S. Kids Golf-

US Kids Golf Clubs are precisely sized based on a player's height, with grips, shaft stiffness, and weight tailored across 9 sizes. They're 5%-30% lighter than adult clubs, varying by set. Ultralight clubs suit beginners to intermediates, while the Tour Series is for intermediates to advanced players. Contact our Golf Shop or order online using code USK08612 for a 10% discount!

Contact Our Golf Shop at 360.887.3004

Summer Camps

Coaching Membership Options