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We appreciate the opportunity to give residents an outlet to get fresh air and exercise in a safe environment. We pride ourselves in providing somewhere for our guests and employees to enjoy the game of golf, and we have opened with some very important changes designed to limit contact, transactions, and touch points to ensure everyone's safety. 

As you might expect, our phones are ringing off the hook so please review these Frequently Asked Questions before calling the course.

Are you walking or riding?

We are allowing walking and multiple riders per golf cart. Due to the additional sanitation that each cart undergoes after use, there may be a wait for riding tee times. 

Pull carts will also be available for rent.

How can I book a tee time?

Tee times must be booked through our ONLINE BOOKING ENGINE. No walk-up play is allowed.

How do I cancel my booking if I need?

If for any reason you cannot make your tee time, and you booked it through our website, please log in to the ONLINE BOOKING ENGINE to cancel. 

What has been done to limit grouping and touch points?

·      The Pro-Shop is currently closed, with limited seating in the dining and patio area.

·       Tee times have been spaced to 10 minutes apart, and the course has been set up to limit touch points by removing; bunker rakes, sand bottles, water coolers, ball washers, etc. The cups have been set up to stop the balls from going entirely into the hole for touchless retrieval. Golfers are not allowed to touch the flagsticks at any time.

·       Garbage cans are now available on the golf course for disposal of garbage. Benches are still not available for the time being.

What should I know when I go to play my round?

Please arrive no more than 30 minutes early to avoid creating any large groups. When arriving on property scorecards can be picked up from a table at main entrance as well as access to the restrooms. Check-In will be done through a window which can be accessed on the deck at the West side of the Clubhouse. Credit Card payments only. Staff will inform guests of additional information based on the guests needs (carts, range, merchandise, key return, etc.). There is no starter and guests are instructed to tee off precisely on their Tee-Time. There are Marshall runs being made regularly in order to ensure everyone's safety as well as to monitor that all rules are being followed. Due to the additional sanitation that each cart undergoes after use, there may be a wait for riding tee times. 

Please check your temperature before leaving your house and stay home if you are sick. Social Distancing is practiced in all areas of our facility and should be practiced on the golf course as well. Do not share clubs and golf equipment with your playing partners or congregate with them in the parking lot before or after your round.

Masks are required inside the clubhouse and outside when distancing guidelines cannot be maintained.

Is the driving range and putting green open?

The driving range and putting green remain open, please keep 6 feet of space from anyone. Range buckets can be purchased at Check-In window outside the Golf-Shop. Range is primarily for Guests with Tee-Times 30 minutes prior to their round but is open to all guest if not busy. Please call ahead to inquire. Place empty range buckets in collection stand and staff will sanitize prior to bringing back up to Golf-Shop when collecting range balls.

How many people are allowed in the clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is open for dine-in options, restrooms, and scorecards. The Food & Beverage is currently at less than 50% capacity (24 guests inside & 18 guests outside on deck maximum). The Pro-shop is currently closed with the option for single guest admittance at a time with staff allowing access for guests purchasing larger items that cannot be sold through the window at check-in. 

Are the restrooms open?

Restrooms are open at the front of the Clubhouse through the main entrance. Additional restrooms on the lower level will be made available if traffic dictates the need. Restrooms are being sanitized every hour. Restrooms are also available on the course.

What about food, drinks and merchandise?

·      Food and beverage are available for dine-in with limited capacity (24 guests inside & 18 guests outside on deck maximum). The complete menu is available. All orders can be paid for (Credit Card payments only).

·       Alcohol will be available for purchase from the golf course, but you are NOT allowed to bring your own per the State’s liquor licensing laws. 

·       Merchandise is available for purchase in the Pro-Shop, limited to one person in the Pro-Shop at a time. No touching of the merchandise is allowed by guests, and all merchandise touched and not purchased is pulled for 24 hours.

What about leagues, outings and events?

League and club play are being coordinated between league/club board members and the Golf-Shop staff. Please contact your league or club representatives directly should you have any questions on procedures or availability.

Social Distancing Modifications

n accordance with the recent Executive Order and Public Health mandates and as the COVID-19 virus continues to impact our communities, we will be implementing Social Distancing Modifications. We are grateful to our staff for the hard work and dedication they have put forth to provide you with a safe, fun and enjoyable golf experience.

1. Tee time increments will be every 10 minutes.

2. Credit cards will be the only method of payment. Cards can be kept on file for future purchases at the discretion of the guests.

3. Check in will take place via two windows outside Pro-Shop. Lines of separation will be marked to aid in maintaining social distancing guidelines.

4. Sanitation practices will be increased to enhance the safety of our guests and staff.

5. Flagsticks are always to remain untouched by all golfers.

6. Cups will be designed so that golfers will not need to reach into the hole to retrieve their ball.

7. No flags or cups on all practice areas.

8. No rental clubs available.

9. Range and practice areas will be available for golfers up to 30 minutes before their tee time. Call ahead to check for any other practice availability.

10. All bunker rakes have been removed from the course. Bunkers may be played as waste areas as signified by the scorecard.

11. Every other driving range mat has been removed to provide for plenty of distancing. No congregating is allowed at driving range or any other practice area.

12. Practice social distancing guidelines in all areas of the property including the parking lot.

13. Access to the restrooms at the clubhouse and on the course will be made available.

14. Any/All purchases of merchandise are welcome. Though the Pro-Shop is closed single guests can be allowed in with admittance from staff for items not being sold through window at check-in.

15. Marshall runs will be increased to enhance everyone’s safety.

16. Golfer’s can use the Clubhouse for food and beverage options after their round but will be encouraged to leave the property if this option is not exercised to help avoid gathering in groups.

17. The only entry points for guests will be the main entrance, the deck entrance, and lower level side entrance for access to the restrooms.

18.  Dine in options are available for less than half capacity (24 guests inside & 18 guests outside on deck maximum). Take out options are available for full food and beverage menu. Please allow for enough time when getting food and drink and/or call ahead (360) 887-3004 Option 4.

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