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Michael Parker

Director of Instruction

Michael Parker, Director of Instruction, PGA Teaching Professional is here to provide experienced coaching to help you be better at the great game of golf. With a newly redesigned Performance Coaching Studio he can cater to the competitive player as well as the beginner player. From junior golfers to adults Coach Michael is available to help.


EACH player’s swing is unique. Coach Michael deals with many different style of swings. With access to many different training aids the Performance Coaching Studio will provide an amazing atmosphere to accelerate the learning curve of the less experienced and to fine tune the swing of the competitive player to dominate on the course.

Coach Michael EXPECTS his players to get better. This is not a pressure on the student but a reflection on how he coaches them. Student and Coach work together to get better. The interaction between the 2 should produce results. Michael feels that the results of a session are a direct relation on how he can relate the needed information. Coach Michael teaches his players to be able to self-analyze so they can help themselves when they are out playing. Teaching a beginner player to understand body movements and fundamentals so that they enjoy the game the best they can is what he is trying to achieve. When the player desires to expand their abilities and shot selection then coach and player embark on a journey to explore the intricacies of the game and lower scores.

Coach Michael provides Student Lockers through the use of ThrivSports. This provides easy access to reviewing coaching sessions, swing videos, and allows easy communication between player and coach. Scheduling coaching sessions are a breeze using this service. Once a player profile is made simply click on the date you are interested in for a coaching session and pick a time.

Detailed video analysis is standard for coaching sessions along with use of various launch monitors, biometric technology, and wearable swing analysis equipment. Technology is simply a tool to help achieve results faster and at the Performance Coaching Studio we are always trying to be the most efficient in helping the player. That means we might have the technology but we do not rely on it to make the player be the best they can be. As Coaches WE coach the player in the best means possible.

Email | Michael@mparkergolf.com
Cell | 503.803.0656
Website | mparkergolf.com
Book Now | Thrivsports.com/Michael-Parker