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Washington Winter Golf

Our Winters may see a golf course closed for a day here and a day there, but not seven days in a row. The past four months have been tough on golfers in our area, October was very wet, followed by more rain in late November leading into cold and snow in December and January. Tri Mountain still hasn't hit a golf ball this year and we hope to this week after this last storm is finished and the golf course turf will allow it.

Do you let cold weather stop you from playing golf? Heck no - but the golf course has to be open, right!

When we all get back at it here are a few tips to start your year out successful considering the weather and golf course conditions.

1) Walk Instead of Ride - Warm Up that Body

2) Keep Your Hands & Head Warm

3) Keep Your Golf Ball Warm

4) Layer your clothing

5) Have a Realistic Golf Expectation - Consider the Weather & Course Conditions