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Restricting Golf Carts to Paths

Cart Path Only – one of the most difficult decisions superintendents has to make. No golfer is happy with this restriction but this decision on cart traffic are always made with the best long-term interest of the turf, golf facility and ultimately, the golfer, in mind. The following is a brief list of common instances when cart traffic restrictions are warranted:

  • Heavy rain or during prolonged periods of wet weather when soils are saturated, soft and most prone to compaction.

  • Whenever frost is present because of ice crystals, under the pressure of traffic, can puncture live plant tissue that will result in, at the very least, temporary discoloration of leaves or, at worst, plant death.

  • During extreme heat or drought stress when turf is easily damaged by traffic

  • Any other time when turf is under extreme stress or in the process of recovery, whether it is from environmental pressure, mechanical injury or pest damage.

    These are just a few examples, all of which result in noticeable damage to the golf course. The road to recovery for damaged turf is rarely pretty so if it can be avoided by simply exercising a little caution, the Tri Mountain maintenance team will steer this way to provide the best playing conditions for all of our guest that visit our facility.


    Thank You for keeping your Golf Cart on the Cart Path.