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Player Responsibility

Golfers we are at the half way point of yet another very busy golf season here at Tri Mountain Golf Course. This month the Golf Course Superintendent and I would like to remind all players visiting Tri Mountain and other golf courses you visit that we all have a responsibility for protecting and preserving the playing conditions for all golfers.

Here are a few great etiquette reminders:

1) Single Players - must check into the pro shop and with permission from the pro shop start on Hole #1 or Hole #10 and play all holes in consecutive order.

2) Golf Carts - must abide by the 90 degree rule when leaving the path and to abide to the white lines around the greens. All golf carts stay on the path for all Par 3 Golf Holes. All golf carts must be in ten minutes before sunset to assure safety to the players and the golf course team members.

3) Divots - any turf displaced by a player on any part of the golf course shall be replaced and pressed down.

4) Bunkers - All foot prints and holes made by a player in a bunker shall be carefully leveled as soon as they played from it. Rakes are always provided.

5) Greens - any damage to the putting green made by the player by his/her ball must be repaired before the player leaves the green. Follow this three fix rule, when approaching the green fix your ball mark and an additional two.

6) Litter on Course - trash baskets are placed at convenient locations throughout the golf course and should be used. If you see something, please pick it up and throw it away.

7) Pace of Play - play ready golf, please keep up to the group in front of you and if you have one of the first tee times of the day, your group is responsible for that pace. Respect the time.

8) Respect the Fellow Golfers - in your group, and all other groups on the golf course. They are all their for fun and a enjoyable experience.

9) Respect the Staff at the Golf Course - the maintenance team, the food and beverage team and the pro shop team is there each day to make your golf experience enjoyable.

We all hit a bad shot from time to time, and we all don't play the perfect round every time we go tee it up. Remember it is you hitting the golf ball and not some one else - lets all have fun playing this great game and take more responsibility for the enjoyment for all players and team members at the golf facility you are playing.