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Pace of Play

This is always a hot topic within the golf industry and at golf courses nation wide. Every golf course will have a different Pace or Play required time to play. The industry standard of 4 hours will not work at every facility as many factors come into play. Length of course, distance between green and next tee, difficulty of course and green speed are a few examples. Every day also has factors that come into play as each day is different. To name a few examples is weather conditions, how busy the facility is that day with daily rounds with events and tournaments.

Golfers, your responsibilities are simple.

1) Do not worry about the group behind you - keep up to the group in front of you.

2) If your group is falling behind take responsibility and bring this to attention of the other players in the group.

3) React positively to the situation as a group, and make it happen, pick up the pace! 

Our golf course can be played in 4 hours and 20 minutes on a busy day, with some added windy weather conditions. The front nine takes a little longer at 2 hours and 15 minutes. Our first and third hole are longer par 4's and the front nine has one par 3. We give everyone a 5 minute grace period between the 9th green and 10th tee with an opportunity to visit the club house. The back nine's pace of play is 2 hours, giving you a total of 4 hours and 20 minutes for 18 holes.

Golfers, things that will help you at Tri Mountain.

1) Twenty second pre shot routine, this includes getting your yardage distance, one practice swing and hit it.

2) If you are the driver of the golf cart, drop your passenger off with a couple of clubs and proceed to your ball. The passenger after they hit, can walk to you or forward towards the green to be picked up.

3) Study your line of putt while others in your group are putting. Play ready golf on the greens, continue putting on the short putts.

The Tri Mountain team and players that golf Tri Mountain appreciate everyone doing there part and respecting other players time when it comes to pace of play on the golf course.

Thank You