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Golf Course Etiquette

Welcome all golfers to the 2017 Golf Season and to Tri Mountain Golf Course. We are all excited for spring and some sunshine, especially after a very long fall and winter season we all just experienced. Here are a few Tri Mountain Golf Course etiquette reminders:


1)      All players must check into the pro shop before being directed to the golf course.


2)      No more than four players in a group unless permission has been granted from the pro shop.


3)      All players riding a golf cart must either keep cart on path or drive 90 degrees to the golf ball from the cart path or the rough depending on the golf cart rules for the day you are playing.


4)      At all times at the facility, respect the facility, the team members and the other guests at the facility – we are all here for fun and an enjoyable golf experience.


5)      Repair the ground you play on, replace your divots, repair your ball mark and one other, and treat the golf course with care.


6)      Don’t be the slowest player! Rule changes are coming soon – start now, you have thirty to forty seconds for your pre shot routine, hit the golf ball and move it – respect all players time and keep the pace.


7)      Keep your temper under control! We all have moments of frustration playing this game – if you can’t handle it, go home.


8)      Be fun to play with! Smile, look good, help fellow competitors and enjoy the opportunity to play golf today. There are many others that don’t have the opportunity to play golf today – and You Do.


9)      Free Tip – Choose Your Attitude Before You Hit Your Shot, Great Feelings Produce Great Results – good luck and enjoy your day at Tri Mountain Golf Course.


Thank You for taking the time to get ready for a great season of golf here at Tri Mountain Golf Course and at all facilities you visit in the future. We all are excited to get back on the links and we all need a reminder from time to time on having some great golf etiquette and respect for playing this great game.