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Frozen Greens

It has been a tough start to the new year at the golf course. The snow that fell on Sunday afternoon finally melted and was gone on Wednesday. Thursday & Friday (today) we are experiencing a slow thaw on our greens, with frozen turf underneath. The thawed layer on top is saturated with water and is spongy. Walking on the turf with this condition will cause foot printing and can cause the surface of the green to become uneven. Severe turf damage can result from shearing off the roots as the turf moves above the frozen layer. This damage in areas around where the hole is located on these days will appear as weaker turf later in the year.

Golfers, we are all eager to get out there and start playing, at this point it is waiting game, and hopefully tomorrow the turf conditions will be ready to go. Please call ahead to the pro shop at 360 887 3004.