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5 New Tee Boxes

Over time, the playing surfaces on tee boxes can become uneven.

Yes, the "earth", soil, shifts over time. Erosion from rain, soft soil, traffic, etc will cause this as well. It especially depends on the tee box and how it was originally built.

Our course was built in 1994. After years of filling in divots, all the tee boxes are somewhat mounded over the course of time, tee boxes tend to get worn by years of foot traffic.

This 2016 we will be renovating five tee areas,

#2 White and Gold,

#4 Blue and White,

#7 Blue and White,

#8 Blue and White,

and #17 Blue and White.

Opening of these tee areas will depend on weather and germination. Our schedule to open these new teeing areas will be sometime in June. All team members and guests at the facility are looking forward to see and play the new teeing grounds this summer.